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Q1.     What is Circlez Loyalty Programme?  

Circlez Loyalty Programme is a consumer rewards programme launched on 1 April 2022. Customers who register eWarranty via Circlez App/Estore will be rewarded with Circlez points for purchases of brands under the Circlez Loyalty Programme.

Circlez App can be downloaded via the App Store / Google Play / App Gallery:  https://app.pensonic.com/ or, you may sign up at Circlez eStore: https://www.circlezestore.com/ 


Q2.    How does Circlez Loyalty Programme work ?

Consumers can collect Circlez Points by purchasing home/kitchen appliances at any online or offline platform for Circlez Brands and registering eWarranty. Points will be credited once eWarranty submission is approved.  

The steps are simple:

1. Download Circlez App and register as a member.

2. Register product eWarranty through the Circlez App or Circlez Estore.

3. Once eWarranty registration is successful and submission has been approved, the points will be credited automatically to your Circlez account. 

Q3.    What is Circlez Points?

Circlez Points are points accumulated by registering a product’s eWarranty via Circlez App/Circlez Estore. Accumulated Circlez Points can be converted to cash when you purchase products at Circlez eStore: https://www.circlezestore.com/ or the points can be used to redeem products in the Circlez Rewards Catalogue.

Q4.    Is there a membership fee to join the Circlez Loyalty Programme? How can I sign up to be a member?

Circlez Loyalty Programme is free of charge. Just download the Circlez App via any of the following channels and register as a member:

  1. Circlez App: app Store/Google Play/App Gallery:  https://app.pensonic.com/

  2. Circlez eStore https://www.circlezestore.com/

Q5    What are the benefits of joining Circlez Loyalty Programme ?

 As a Circlez  member, you are entitled to:

  • Earn Circlez Points when you purchase Circlez’ brand appliances: PENSONIC, CORNELL, TOUSH, LEBENSSTIL KOLLEKTION & MORPHY RICHARDS at any online or offline store and register the product’s e-Warranty

  • Be among the first to receive updates on the latest products and promotions

  • Enjoy special offers on selected products

  • Receive invites to members only special events

  • Special discounts for each member-tier achievement

  • Receive special privilege vouchers

  • Mystery gifts

  • Waiver of labour charges

  • New product trial & discount

  • VIP access to special events

The member tiers benefits are as follows :

Q6.    When can I start collecting Circlez Points?

You can start collecting Circlez Points as soon as you register as Circlez member, submit your product e-Warranty and eWarranty submission is approved. 

Q7.    How do I earn Circlez Points?

You may earn Circlez Points by purchasing home or kitchen appliances of Circlez brands: PENSONIC, CORNELL, TOUSH, LEBENSSTIL KOLLEKTION & MORPHY RICHARDS from any online or offline platform. Register product eWarranty by attaching the proof of purchase through the Circlez App/Circlez Estore. Once registered successfully & the e-warranty submission has been approved, the points will be credited to your Circlez account. 

Q8.    What can I do with the Circlez Points ?

Circlez Points can be redeemed for your next purchase at Circlez eStore https://www.circlezestore.com/. 100 Circlez Points is equivalent to RM1.00. The accumulated points can either be converted to cash to purchase Estore products also be used to redeem products from the Circlez Rewards Catalogue. 

Q9.    How do I know how many points can I earn from product purchase?

Circlez Points will be reflected and credited to your Circlez account automatically once you have submitted your product eWarranty and your eWarranty submission has been approved. 

Q10.    Can I collect points for my spending on accessories or spare parts?

No. The Circlez points can only be obtained for approved eWarranty registration of  new home or kitchen appliances.   

Q11.    Can I collect points for free gifts that I redeem or my purchases that do not have receipt? 

No, you are unable to claim Circlez Points without valid receipt(s) attached.

Q12.     How can I check my Circlez Points transactions?

You can check your points at :

1. Circlez app : https://app.pensonic.com/.

Go to Profile > Membership Benefits to check your rewards.

2. Circlez eStore: https://www.circlezestore.com/

Go to Profile > Circlez Points History to see your loyalty points.

Q13.     Is there any expiry date for my Circlez Points?

Yes, Circlez points are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.  You will need to make redemptions within 2 years.

(e.g. Date of Purchase on 1st April 2022, will expire in 31st March 2024)  

Q14.    Where can I redeem the Circlez Points?

You can redeem Circlez Points at Circlez eStore : https://www.circlezestore.com/

Q15.    Can I redeem the points immediately after purchase?

No, you have to register your product e-warranty at Circlez App/Circlez eStore. Once registered successfully and the e-warranty submission has been approved, the points will be credited automatically to your Circlez account.

Q16.    What can I redeem with my Circlez Points?

The Circlez points is as good as cash which you can utilise at Circlez eStore. Upon check out, you can use the points to offset the total amount that you need to pay. 

Alternatively, you can use your points to redeem your favourite products at Circlez eStore. You may refer to Circlez Reward Catalogue at My profile > Circlez Rewards Catalogue 

Q17.    If check out transaction fails, is rejected or cancelled, will the deducted points be credited back to my account? 

No, once you’ve agreed to convert your points to cash, it will not be credited back to your account if the transaction is failed or cancelled. Instead, we’ll issue vouchers of the same value with a validity period of 30 days from the date of issuance to you for your next purchase.

Q18.    Can I redeem product with points and cash at the same time?

No, part points and part cash is not allowed. 

Q19.    Where can I use my e-voucher?

E-Voucher can only be redeemed or used at Circlez eStore:  https://www.circlezestore.com/ 

  •  Each eVoucher can only be used in a single transaction.

  • If the price of the product(s) selected is less than the value of the eVoucher, no refund will be given.

  • If the price of the product(s) selected is more than the value of the eVoucher, you are required to pay the balance.

Q20.    Is my e-voucher refundable, transferable and exchangeable for cash?

No. eVoucher is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.

Q21.    What happens if I do not utilise my eVoucher within the stipulated date?

Each e-voucher is valid for 1 month from the date of issuance. There will be no re-issuance of eVoucher after the expiry date. No replacement or extension will be given for expired eVouchers.

Q22.    Can I redeem my Circlez Points after it expires?

 No, any unredeemed points will be forfeited and will not be extended.

Q23.    Can I transfer Circlez Points to another person?

No. The points collected in your account are non transferable to any other person or account.

Q24.    How many membership tiers are there?

There are 3 tiers: Silver, Gold & Platinum.  

Q25.    What are the differences between these 3 tiers of membership ?

For Silver tier, you have to accumulate a total of 1,000 points.

For Gold tier, you have to accumulate a total of 1,500 points.

For Platinum tier, you have to accumulate a total of 2,000 points.

You will be promoted to a higher tier when you have reached the targeted value amount for each tier.

Q26.    When I reach a certain tier, when can I start to enjoy that particular tier’s privileges ? 

When you are promoted to a new tier, you can enjoy the privileges immediately. 

Q27.    Do I need to pay for delivery charges on the items that I redeem using my points? 

Delivery is free of charge for West Malaysia only. 

Q28.    What are the terms & conditions for member tier discount?

1. No minimum purchase is required. You may purchase as many times as you’d like.

2. Not applicable for hot deals / promotional items.

3. Not applicable for Online Exclusive  items as stated below: 

Morphy Richards Hand Blender 403HB1

Morphy Richards Food Dehydrator 405FD1

Morphy Richards Portable Vacuum 732PV1

Cornell Blue Bae Series Air Fryer CAF-S3601X

Cornell Blue Bae Series Coffee Maker CCM-E075X

Cornell Low Carb Rice Cooker CRC-JP600DX

Cornell Blue Bae Series 3-in-1 Waffle, Donut & Sandwich Maker CSM-E1105X

Cornell Blue Bae Series 2 pop-up slide Toaster CT-EDC2000X

Cornell Blue Bae Series Handheld Wired Stick Vacuum CVC-WS550X

Lebensstil Kollektion Air Fryer LKAF-1001X

Lebensstil Kollektion 18L Air Fryer Oven with Fruits Dehydrator LKAF-2001X

Lebensstil Kollektion Coffee Grinder LKCG-4013X

Lebensstil Kollektion Coffee Maker LKCM-112X

Lebensstil Kollektion Hand Mixer LKHM-1001X

Lebensstil Kollektion Multicooker LKMC-1001X

Lebensstil Kollektion Table Grill LKTG-1001X

Pensonic Electric Oven PEO-2007X

Pensonic Hand Blender PB-6005GX

Pensonic Induction Cooker PIC-2007X

Pensonic Multi Cooker PMC-1303GSX

Pensonic Mini Rice Cooker PSR-301SX